L.A. Care Covered Bronze HMO

Plan Description: 

Our Bronze plan offers you some of the lowest premiums while still providing primary, preventive and urgent care before you have to meet your deductible. This plan is designed for those who want affordable coverage and protection in the case of an unexpected medical event.

Plan Features: 
  • Preventive Care at no charge
  • Three Primary Care visits before deductible
  • Access to urgent care before deductible
BenefitsMember Cost Share
Annual Deductible
Annual Out-of-Pocket
Annual Brand Rx Deductible
Primary Care Office Visit
Specialist Office Visit
Preventive Care
Urgent Care Visit
Emergency Room
Inpatient Hospitalization
Outpatient Surgery
Lab Services
Generic Rx
Preferred Brand Rx
Other benefits include but are not limited to:
$5,000/Member $10,000/Family
$6,250/Member $12,500/Family
$60 (1st 3 visits)
$70 after deductible
$120 (1st 3 visits)
$300 after deductible (copay waived if admitted)
30% after deductible
30% after deductible
30% after deductible
30% after deductible
30% after deductible
$15 after deductible
$50 (after deductible)
Acupuncture, ambulance, mental health, rehabilitation benefits, non-preferred Rx.